New look, continuing values for Aston International

How do you adapt a heraldic griffin to the new information age? That was one of the challenges facing us and the creative team at Ashgrove Marketing when we sat down recently to discuss reviewing our image, redesigning our logo and developing our new website.

The griffin has always been emblematic of Aston International. Not only is it the ancient symbol of the Griffin family, the name of one of our founding owners and his successors, but as part lion, part eagle, it is king of all creatures and signifies bravery, strength, alertness and endurance, all qualities that Aston International embraces as a long-established, independent fiduciary service provider.

In the end we decided to give our griffin fresh modern styling and pride of place in its own picture frame above our name. You’ll find it on all the pages of our new website which has been completely updated to more clearly reflect our independence, our wide range of professional services, our long business history and our corporate values.

As well as being much more visually appealing, the new design makes it easier for you to find all the information you need quickly and intuitively. You can also see photos of all our team members so you know exactly who you will be talking to when you do business with us, no matter where you are in the world.

We’re really pleased with our new look – including our state-of-the-art griffin – and we’re also really pleased to say it remains a symbol of our enduring commitment, as a family-owned and led business, to the provision of exceptional fiduciary care with integrity, confidentiality and the highest level of personal service. That will never change.