We can assist with setting-up various legal structures in a variety of jurisdictions utilising over 40 years’ experience administering and managing these entities. The exact structure will depend very much upon the clients’ specific requirements and we strive to provide the ideal bespoke structure to clients.

Effective & efficient management

40 years of administering and managing offshore structures has given us opportunities to be involved in almost every imaginable type of business or asset transactions. We have successfully adapted and adhered to the changing regulatory and business environment over these years.

Statutory record-keeping

The development of reporting and compliance regulations have made it more important than ever to maintain and keep detailed company records. Our staff are highly skilled at maintaining these records and we use specialist software and procedures to record and file this information when required.

Asset acquisition & registration

In our history of running offshore structures for clients, we have purchased and held many different classes of assets such as investments, artworks, software, real and intangible property or yachts. Certain assets do need to be registered and we can attend to these requirements in the fastest most efficient way possible.

Bank & investment accounts

We open and operate a variety of bank and investment accounts both internationally and on the Isle of Man. Our clients are able to leverage these relationships, enhanced services and reduced charges in the process of Aston running their structures. Some providers only deal with regulated and licenced trustee and corporate service providers such as Aston.

Access to government & professionals

We have direct relationships with departments and civil servants in the Isle of Man Government that would be difficult to access in other jurisdictions. In fact, the Island’s Government has a separate division, the Department for Enterprise, which encompasses specific agencies with expertise to support and develop certain sectors of the economy.

The Island’s long history as a low tax jurisdiction means that we have a highly developed and sophisticated fiduciary services sector. Aston has access to numerous professional advisors for your tax, legal, investment and banking requirements.

Restorations & asset recovery

Even with the best intentions, it is possible for companies to lapse whilst they still hold assets or investments, be that through oversight or just losing contact with agents for the company. We have restored long defunct companies and retrieved assets for clients that were thought to be lost.

Accountancy, bookkeeping & VAT

We have a dedicated team of qualified accountants to maintain the important financial information and produce financial statements as required by companies legislation and so vital for the correct running and reporting of a company.

We can also register and produce returns for companies liable for VAT in the EU. Our long trusted relationship with the Isle of Man VAT office can greatly ease this burden.

Our accountants can also to attend to Isle of Man & UK payroll management including PAYE.

Isle of Man & UK tax returns

In our 40 years of operation, we will have submitted thousands of returns both in the UK and the Isle of Man for the structures that we operate. Take advantage of this wealth of experience to take the pain out of this sometimes onerous and technical task.

Dissolutions & liquidations

In the natural course of their life, once a company has served its purpose in order to close down efficiently it should be either dissolved or liquidated. Our team of qualified and experienced company secretarial and accountancy staff have undertaken these procedures many times in various jurisdictions.

Re-domicile of company jurisdiction and tax residence

Clients often have legacy structures set up in some of the more obscure jurisdictions around the world. In addition, some jurisdictions may bring in new legislation that makes the maintenance of an existing company there less favourable.

It is possible to change the domicile of a company, much like you are able to become resident in another country. If a company has complex assets or needs to maintain its history, we can arrange the migration of the company from another jurisdiction to the Isle of Man.

In a similar vein, it is also possible for a foreign company to be registered as resident in the Isle of Man for the purposes of tax.

Transfer of administration

Are you seeking an alternative service provider to provide an understanding, professional, personal and flexible service with direct contact to the key personnel when required? Do you prefer the closer flexible relationship that can be offered by a dedicated owner managed service provider?

Aston is amongst the oldest continually operating corporate & trust service providers on the Isle of Man. For over 40 years we have strived to offer a creative, individual and flexible service to our clients, truly getting to know and understand our clients and their requirements. We have recently seen an increase in enquiries for us to take over the administration of structures from other service providers for this very reason.

Contact us to see how we can help you to transfer your structure and receive a truly personal service. We can assist with the transfer registered office/agent, directors, trustees and administration, we can also arrange transfer of the jurisdiction of domicile of your structure if required.

Relocation to the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man government provides business incentives for innovative start-ups and relocation packages. We can help with the set up and running of companies for individuals considering moving to the Isle of Man. We can also provide input and services in relation to the actual relocation of individuals to the Island under the various immigration and visa schemes.